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Myths and Facts about recycled oils.

The facts about recycled oil.

Recycled is a very broad term covering many different processes.

Our oils are directly recycled by being cleaned, tested and re-applied as a lubricant: not re-refined

Using them will save you lot’s of money. Up to 60% overall.

They help the environment more if re-used as they were originally intended.

Most recycled oils do not fully help the environment if recycled as fuel/furnace oil beacuse they disappear forever and release emissions.

Most oils can be re-used safely in place of new oils

New oils are commonly dirty and actually require filtration before using

Oils never totally wear out (they may become contaminated and the additives may become less effective).

Most hydraulic systems have oil in them that are 64x dirtier than our cleaned A grade oil.


The myths about recycled oil:

It removes the additives?

No, oil analysis we have done in no way supports this.

Different oils may be mistakenly mixed.

We handle small carefully controlled batches and carry out testing, testing and more testing. Quality control is our priority.

Recycled oils are dirty and dark in colour.

Our A grade oils  are light coloured and filtered to 0.5um. B grade are darker and filtered to 1um.

They don’t meet equipment manufacturer specifications.

It's the same oil we have only taken out the particulates and water!

We filter centrifuge the hydraulic oil then filter it several times. Water is removed by vacuum dehydration.