Sales - Reconditioned Oils

Hydraulic Oil:

These oils have been centrifuged, dehydrated and filtered several times. They are tested multiple times.

68A or 46A hydraulic oil is light brown to golden in colour and may have new oil blended in when we run short of it. It is filtered to 1 um and tested to 0.5um. It is safe to use on any hydraulic system operating under normal pressures and temperatures.

68B or 46B hydraulic oil is mid to dark brown in colour and filtered to 2um and tested to 0.5um. This oil is only suitable for old leaky equipment under light duty or simple (gear pump/cylinder) systems such as tippers or presses. 

Chain bar Oil:

Chain bar A. Cleaned to 10um. Golden to light brown in colour. Viscosity is 150-220 range but we can thin if necessary. It is tacky like gearbox oil.

Chain bar B: Cleaned to 10um. Has a mid-dark brown colour. Viscosity is 150-220 range also and is tacky like gearbox oil.

Degreaser: Kero based degreaser for engines. Will not dissolve hardened grease. It has a slightly dark appearance.

Light Oils: 3-13 cst oil. It is a hydrocarbon suitable for various applications. Please discuss. 

200L Pricing: Incl. GST plus freight

A grade hydraulic $350.00-$374.00

AB grade hydraulic $264.00

B grade hydraulic $165.00-$198.00

Chain saw bar oil $286-00-$308.00

Degreaser $260.00-$286.00

Parts Wash $220.00-$246.00

Please request a full pricing sheet by fax or email.

SEE also new oils or request current specials, we buy and sell them occasionally at low prices.