Your Waste Oils

Waste oils cost to dispose of (usually around 0.20c/litre up to 0.40c/litre depending on quantity). Waste water and coolants which we do not collect are a lot more expensive to dispose of. We do not currently recycle any black oils.

Your options are:

1. If we can re-use your oil we do NOT charge anything to take it. Discuss the logistics with us.

2. Used oils can in most cases be cleaned and re-used in your machine safely. Discuss with us to assess.

3. We purchase excess oils from mining companies, oil recyclers, oil companies, liquidators and industry if the oil is in sealed   drums or in excellent condition. Discuss with us to assess.

4. If it is engine oil the cheapest options are:

Small amounts less than 20L ring the council tip first. 

Up to 200L take it to an oil  recycler.

More than 200L get it collected by an oil recycler such as Nationwide Oil (Welshpool) or Wren Oil (Bunbury).

5. Small amounts of used engine oils can be mixed with diesel and bur'nt as fuel in warmer climates. It will be a dirtier/smoky burn though and won't meet environmental emmission standards and should only be considered for older engines away from the city. It is a method still used on ships and generators around the world. It is frowned upon but it works. Add injector cleaner occasionally. See fuel additives.

6. Filter the oil and re-use it. In most cases used engine oils are changed on hours. Oil analysis we have conducted has shown that even though the oil is black it can be re-used after cleaning for a certain period and duty. The additives are still there. The black colour is mainly due to unburn't fuel and hot spots in the engine. Up to a point it won't harm your engine. We have small rental units suitable for removing solids and some water. You can collect your oil in 200L drums and clean it in one batch. Don't mix full synthetics and mineral oils. You can put the cleaned oil in an older engine etc.

7. Keep the existing oil and add an additive pack as a top up. Spiking the oil will extend the oil life. See fuel and oil additives. 

8. Drain off 25-50% of engine oil only and top up with new oil. 

9. Hyd and gear oils can be cleaned using our small machines. see rental units.

Please note:

The above suggestions are possible solutions to reducing the waste and lowering the burden on recycling. Everyones situation is different but there is always a suitable solution. Discuss with me first.

Most waste oils in the world end up mixed in with used engine oils and used as relatively dirty fuel for less critical apllications. Examples are kilns and ship fuel. It is possible to re-refine the oils but may not be cost effective due to the cost of new additives and high energy requirements and emission costs. There is NO perfect solution to waste engine oils! 

You will save money if you separate black oils and coolants from oils that have good colour. Keep synthetics separate. Strain waste oils into 200L drums.

 If you want to know if your oil is still okay to re-use refer to your most recent oil analysis first and then send us a sample. (larger users) We can analyse the engine oil but a fee will apply.