Oil Cleaning for reuse

We can clean oils by centrifuging, filtering and dehydrating them. Filtering can be carried out down to 0.5um in one pass. Dehydration is carried out under vacuum or by centrifuging or spraying. Additives are not removed. Currently we can get -0.8 bar vacuum (not suitable for transformer oils).

We can clean in batches in our factory or can rent out equipment.

Batch cleaning would usually be done on 200L or more.


Laboratory Services

We focus on oil condition whereas oil laboratories focus on your machine condition (contrary to common belief). We carry out oil compatibility, oil cleanliness and filterability tests and assess oil condition. We work with an external laboratory for general oil analysis (so named but it is really for wear!) and special testing. We can manage this for you.

Cost audit

We offer an audit service of your oil usage and disposal with the aim of cost cutting. An initial consult would determine whether this would benefit you. We also have a brochure that outlines the program. Please request a copy.

Repairs Overhauls.

Centrifuge, dehydrator and filter cart repairs. We repair and overhaul oil related equipment including hydraulic pumps.